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Chanterelle Mushroom Fondue

Creamy, melted cheese and freshly foraged wild chanterelles, are the perfect combination. My Chanterelle Mushroom Fondue is a delicious appetizer or light meal for a warm summer evening!

Chanterelle Mushroom Fondue

What are Chanterelle Mushrooms?

Chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius) are one the most well known wild mushrooms. They’re sought after by chefs and foodies due to their delicious flavor – in our home these are Ray’s favorite wild mushrooms that we forage for.

Chanterelle Mushroom Fondue

‘Chants’ range in color from yellow to deep orange, golden chanterelles are easy to spot in the summer forest floor. The cap is wavy and generally funnel shaped. Their ridges (they don’t have ‘gills’) appear as wrinkles that are wavy with blunt edges and run down the stem and are the same color as the rest of the chanterelle. Chanterelles also have a distinct fruity apricot-like aroma.

It’s common to pick several baskets full of chanterelle’s in a good season. They will range in size from 1/2 inch button chants to large 4 inch vases.

Chanterelle Mushrooms 2017

When it comes to poisonous look-a-likes, be mindful to not excitedly confuse chanterelle with Jack O’ Lantern mushrooms. They are poisonous but not known to be lethal (aka belly-ache and lots of bathroom time). The Jack O’ Lantern usually grows in clumps on wood (not from soil like chanterelles) and has true gills. (see below for Jack photo)

Not Chanterelle - these are jack-o-lantern mushrooms. Do NOT eat.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate July then enjoying my Chanterelle Mushroom Baked Fondue & my Grain Free French Bread with a chilled glass of Wine!

If you are looking for the BEST & Healthiest Wines, I suggest Dry Farm’s Wine, it’s the only wines I drink.

And I LOVE my wine.

I’ve been exclusively drinking Dry Farm’s Wine for over 2 years. No more headaches, no more gross ingredients or supporting damaging farming practices!

I get 6 bottles of white and 6 bottles of red each month; I’m always prepared – wether it’s a glass of wine with dinner, a impromptu get together or a gift dinner at a friend’s house (it’s bad manners to show up empty handed!)

Chanterelle Mushroom Fondue

This Chanterelle Mushroom Fondue is so easy to make (especially when you are new to cooking with chants and need a guaranteed delicious recipe).

And it looks amazing served in a rustic cast iron mini skillet, don’t you think???!

Chanterelle Mushroom Fondue

My mouth is watering just looking at these photos, yours too?? I’m sincerely contemplating making another batch of my Chanterelle Mushroom Fondue for lunch today…

Looking for more delicious ways to enjoy Chanterelle Mushrooms?? Here’s a few of my favorites:

Chanterelle Mushroom Fondue

Chanterelle Mushroom Baked Fondue

Creamy, melted cheese and freshly foraged wild chanterelles, are the perfect combination. My Chanterelle Mushroom Fondue is a delicious appetizer or light meal for a warm summer evening!
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  • In a large skillet over medium heat, saute chanterelles and shallots in butter until soft, about 5 minutes.
  • *Reserve small whole mushrooms for garnish, if desired* ** For a smoother fondue, transfer cooked mushroom/onions to your food processor and pulse to finely chop, then place back in the skillet **
  • Add wine and fresh thyme, increase heat to medium/high to a simmer. Allow to cook until nearly all the liquid is evaporated.
  • Remove thyme
  • Add heavy cream and cream cheese, stir while melting.
  • Add shredded cheese and continue stirring until smooth.
  • Fonude can be served immediately or topped with additional cheese, reserved cooked mushrooms and broiled to lightly brown.
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  1. Thank you for the recipe. Made it today with fresh Chanterelles. Added in the fresh thyme leaves as opposed to using and pulling out the sprigs. It was wonderful. Very rich and creamy. Even my 8 year old son ate it. For servings, I would say 8-12 as a side, appetizer, or small plate. It’s way too rich to be a main meal on it’s own. Delicious though.

  2. Hello Hayley, this mushroom recipe should be a delight and well explained your post, do you have channel on YouTube?
    If you have leaves in the comments please …. Success !!!!

  3. What an amazing recipe, I’ve been a cook for many years and I’ll try it, I’ll tell you the result. Congratulations, it’s only in cooks that we know how good it is to know various recipes.

  4. Our only look is already mouth watering, I loved the recipe, I love to cook, but the best part is when someone ate the recipe I prepared and says it was wonderful.

    1. I assume you are asking about the Grain Free French Bread recipe? It’s not a keto-friendly recipe – I suggest searching for a Keto Bread Recipe on Pinterest or using pork rinds instead of bread.

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