100+ Healthy Recipes For Lent

Whether you are a Christian who celebrates Lent, or are looking for meat-free recipes, pescatarian and/or vegan/vegetarian meals, you are going to LOVE these 100+ Healthy Lent Recipes that I’ve put together for you!

100+ Healthy Lent Recipes {Gluten-Free, Paleo, Primal, Low-Carb, Real-Food & Vegetarian}

Lent is the 40 days in between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday that many Catholics observe. If you plan to follow tradition and abstain from eating meat or poultry on Fridays during this time, fish may be what’s on your dinner menu.

But does the thought leave you wondering what you can make beyond frozen fish sticks and a Fish sandwich with tartar sauce from your local Church fish fry?

Personally, I’m on team Pierogi as my favorite food of lent? What’s yours??

Fear no, there are plenty of ways to create quick, healthy lenten meals at home that are much more exciting than veggies and beans! Here are 100+ easy recipes to make your family’s next few “Fish Fridays” a success from myself and other bloggers that will keep your family healthy and well fed through Good Friday!

Breakfast Lent Recipes

Vegan Lent Recipes

Paleo Lent Recipes

Low-Carb Keto Lent Recipes

Real Food Lent Recipes

Snacks and Side Dish Lent Recipes

Healthy Lent Soup Recipes

Pressure Cooker Lent Recipes

If you don’t already own a pressure cooker or multi cooker, I can’t say enough good things about THIS ONE! Not only is it ideal for any of these instant pot lent recipes, it will handle 11 different kitchen tasks, which includes being certified safe for electric PRESSURE CANNING, too!

Dessert & Sweets Lent Recipes

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  1. I am going to bookmark this page. Already found some great recipes for this weekend. I want to surprise my husband.

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